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George Gently

Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Euros and are approximate conversions to Euros based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Only one man was caught. The diamonds were never found. This captivated my imagination. His recent resurfacing has thrown her safe world into turmoil.

Gently lapping tides, a rugged coastline, romantic sunsets, and murder. I am passionate about the issue of looted Nazi art, as everyone should be about injustice. No, not really. In my head, yes; out loud, no. Seriously, I sit for a bit going over the last paragraph I wrote hoping for a new burst of energy. A strong cup of tea often stimulates my brain cells. But when the muse utterly fails me, I turn off my laptop and step away to allow the plot to steep in my mind overnight. This is usually the best medicine.

The next day, I come back renewed and refreshed with a different perspective. And what do you know? The words begin to flow once again. Agatha Christie. There are so many things I admire about the grande dame of mystery. She was truly a master at her craft. Jealousy, love, and greed are the primary motives for murder. Christie took these motives threw them into a pot, swirled them about, and in each book conjured up a new way to explore these emotions. Her stories endure to this day because of her astute insight into human nature and all its foibles.

I try to leave readers wanting more, like Christie did with such consummate skill. Old Sins Never Die , Book 6, will be released in fall As you can see, Emmeline and Gregory are always dragging me off on another adventure. People often ask me why I chose a journalist and a jewel thief as my protagonists.

Series: George Gently

A journalist is inherently curious about many subjects. His or her job is to ask questions to uncover the truth and ensure transparency. Naturally, a journalist would be intrigued by crime, especially murder. The determination to find answers and see that justice is served are all important.

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Now, how does a jewel thief fit into the model of a sleuth? Most definitely. A portrait in contrasts. A thief immediately recognizes things that the honest person would never even contemplate.

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Murder is an offensive transgression, a line that should never be crossed. Thus, I have two diametrically opposed sleuths who are of one mind when it comes to the taking of a human life: the culprit must pay for the crime; otherwise chaos would reign in the world. You can follow me on Facebook and Goodreads.

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Recently Inspector Gently has been following me around. Every charity shop I enter, every library I visit and every bookshelf I browse, there he is with his witty titles and pretty, picturesque cover pictures.

Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby - George Gently interview (2007)

In this case, the accused is linked to Gently, who is at first convinced of guilt but then becomes intrigued by the yarn and decides to follow it through and find out more. Gently Where The Roads Go: Despite showcasing everything from racial tensions to sinister gangland hits, Hunter somehow manages to make his Inspector George Gently novels quaint and restrained, which is a real feat.

They are, nonetheless entirely compelling, and this is no exception. Gently works in this book to uncover the killer of a Polish immigrant who was gunned down in a layby. With a plethora of motives Gently has a tough road ahead as he works to track down the killer. Gently By The Shore: Inspector Gently is called to investigate when an unidentified and seemingly unidentifiable naked body is found in the sand at a popular tourist destination. Faced with fleeting and vague accounts, a mysterious corpse and terrified travellers with seemingly nothing in common, Gently has to use all his wits to solve this mystery.

Gently Floating: When a body is found in a river Gently finds himself faced with too many suspects, leaving him questioning everything as he rushes to find a cold-blooded killer. In true Hunter style, this is an understated yet profoundly human book that is easy to read and highly entertaining. The first in this series shows Inspector Gently on holiday, only to find himself on the trail of a killer with a local policeman antagonising him the entire time. As a long-term insomniac I have been searching for many years for a way to help me get to sleep and then stay in the land of nod for the entire night. Therefore, I was intrigued by the news that Penguin Random House is teaming up with a number of charities and sleep organisations to create a series of stories designed to act as a soundscape to send listeners off to sleep.

These noises will, presumably, be included alongside the words to create a unique tool. There was no sign of a struggle, no wounds or bruises. To Gently, it looked like Vivienne had simply lain down and died, yet he knew she had been murdered. If you were to guess how a womanising, middle-aged brewer was murdered, you might say he was shot by a jealous husband or drowned in his own beer - not savaged by a horse.

The strange death of Charles Berney, savaged and trampled to death by a hors When an old man is found dead at the foot of the staircase in his rambling old house, a hint of murder and the lure of hidden treasure draw Gently into the case. Gently has plenty of suspects for the old man's murder. A warehouse watchman across the Good music, fine dining and comfortable surroundings - that's how the Hotel Continental is advertised.


Fraud, blackmail, torture and murder - that's what it becomes famous for. The popular hotel on the English coast built its reputation on its Vienn A police man-hunt fails to find the husband of a brutally murdered woman - until he turns up in Gently's office.

The hunted man is, in fact, a far-distant relative of Gently and throws himself on the Chief Inspector's mercy. Gently will have none of If a tiger mauled a man to death, would he bother burying the corpse? An escaped tiger that terrorizes a little market town is shot dead by a police marksman, having caused nothing more than a minor panic.

A year later, a man is found mauled to death Gently wades through a torrent of suspects when a body is found floating face down in the river. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing - that's if you can call having too many suspects, too many potential murderers, 'a good thing'. What Gent Book 10 in the Chief Inspector George Gently case files finds Gently dodging bullets when he investigates the murder of a trucker who died in a hail of gunfire.

Murdered in a lonely lay-by in the heart of the countryside, the trucker is identified a Speed makes the teenage bikers feel alive, but they soon find that murder is the fastest way to die A five-mile stretch of arrow-straight road outside Latchford acts like a magnet to beatnik bikers using the road like a drag strip. When one of the b